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For this project, our goals were to increase positive brand sentiment and drive in-store traffic for Kane’s Furniture. We developed a strategic partnership with the Tampa Bay Ray’s and Tijuana Flats to offer FREE tacos if the Ray’s got 10 or more strikeouts. The activation resulted in positive mentions across social media and increases in revenue. This was my very first introduction to campaign managing and working with major corporations like the MLB.


For this project, I was recruited and contracted to prove the value of social media to the executive board. Through community management and analytics we were able to build an active online community, resolve patient issues online, grow physician’s brand presence, generate leads for the regional hospitals, and produce newly confirmed patients. With each confirmed patient being worth over $50K, this project was a huge success.


For this project, the goal was to improve product knowledge among employees, reduce inventory, and generate revenue. We developed an ‘Employee Holiday Gift Guide’ offering discounted products to employees, family, and friends. The activation was an instant success resulting in over 200 units sold generating over 4K in revenue within 30 days. In addition, we were able to resolve spacing issues in the warehouse. Internal wins are the best!


For this project, I worked closely with my favorite mua to develop her website, product labels, and social media. Marketing with a small budget was challenging yet satisfying. For the launch of her new business, we developed a simple yet elegant style. To increase brand awareness, we implemented this consistent look across all channels; website, email, social media, and labels. Check it out! The website generated over 30 bookings in the first week.

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