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Visiting Cape Town, South Africa

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

A Dream Turned Into Reality

The Land Of My Dreams

Visiting Africa has always been a dream of mine and if anyone told me I’d go as a child I probably wouldn’t believe it. But, it happened. I turned my dream into reality when I celebrated my 30th birthday in Cape Town, South Africa.

It only took 30 years and a 21-hour flight to get there but I made it. Too bad my luggage didn’t. It took Delta an additional three days to deliver my luggage but I digress. We stayed in a beautiful modern cottage with open floor plans and glass walls that offered astonishing views of the city (Greenpoint). The master bedroom featured the master of all bathtubs and overlooked the historic VA Waterfront with the Ferris Wheel seemly right at your feet. Although beautiful during the day, those astonishing views turned questionable by night. Looking out into the dark just wasn’t as fun. Luckily, the 24-hour security guards and a state of the art alarm system kept us safe.

Walking through the city felt like home except the people were a lot more pleasant. Cape Town is South Africa’s oldest city featuring historic sites like Devil’s Peak, Lion’s Head, Cape Point and one of the 7 Wonders of the World, Table Mountain. Each and every site we visited was not only beautiful by nature but it also feeds your spirit. Enchanting mountains reaching into the clouds, extraordinary beaches, awesome adventure, incredible food and wine, and some of the most exciting wildlife in the world. This place was just breathtaking.

Stunning nature isn't the only thing Cape Town has to offer. It is also a historically significant place. Here you may visit famous Robbins Island, where South Africa’s most famous civil rights activist and former president Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. In fact, you must also take the time to learn about the history of South Africa. You would be amazed at how relatable it is and just how connected we are. The whole city is rich with history and culture.

“One of the most difficult things is not to change society — but to change yourself.” - Nelson Mandela

Then there was the nightlife. Let's just say, I wasn't ready. Almost every bar or club was full of people parading around living their best lives. Unlike the states, there was no drama or fights, just good vibes with some really cool people. Almost everything else was compatible to the states. Great music, dancing, and of course the food is amazing. In case you didn't notice, this particular region in Africa had everything we have. From luxurious spas and fine dining to theaters and fast food. I personally loved it all! I will share the top five things I love most about Cape Town in a future blog. For now, I will leave you with a quick reminder of why Cape Town is so remarkable.

What Cape Town has to offer?

  • Lower cost of living than other English travel destinations.

  • Warm weather all year round.

  • Prominent for nature and natural beauty.

  • Extremely friendly people.

  • Contemporary infrastructure.

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